Tenants’ FAQs

What do you need from my references?

Proof of income (at least 2.5x times the annual rent) verified through your employer or copies of accounts if you are self-employed. We will also need to contact your previous landlord to confirm the details of your tenancy. Insufficient references may result in us cancelling your let or requiring additional deposits.

Can I have pets

Subject to permission from your landlord pets may be allowed in certain properties. You will need to check with us before hand.

How long is the tenancy & can I renew my lease when it expires?

Our tenancies are 6 month minimum periods commencing from the date that you sign the lease. Longer periods may be available and you should discuss that with our staff when viewing the property. You can renew for further fixed periods or remain on a periodic rolling contract. Contact Cosgroves for more details on the terms of renewal and our leases.

How do I pay rent?

Rent payments must be made a month in advance and transferred directly into our account – details of which will be provided before you move in. We advise all payments to be made at least two days before the rent due date to avoid late payment.

Are bills included?

No. Unless clearly stated otherwise in the property details and/or by our representatives bills are NOT included in the rental costs of our properties. You will be responsible for the payment of all utilities bills and the council tax for the property - Cosgroves will transfer the utilities into your name unless otherwise stated during the sign up process.

How does my deposit work? Do I get it back?

Your deposit is logged with an independent body, The Deposit Protection Service, who will hold the deposit until the end of the tenancy. Once you have vacated the property we will compare it to the condition it was in when you entered and make any necessary deductions (if any!). If you take good care of your property you will likely get the majority, if not all, of your deposit back.

Can more people move in during the tenancy?

Depending on the property in question it may be possible to have a new tenant join you in the property. However, it is very important that you check with Cosgroves before allowing anyone else to reside in the property as it could result in the termination of your lease. They would be required to go through the referencing process.
If a tenant leaves the tenancy at any point it may be possible to replace them, but finding the new tenant is down to the remaining occupant not Cosgroves.

How much notice do I have to give to end my tenancy?

If you wish to end your tenancy once your first 6 months are up you MUST give one month’s notice. This means that before the start of the sixth month of the tenancy you must have informed us in writing that you wish not to carry on in the property.
If you wish to stay then you are welcome to renew or stay on a month by month lease (pending landlord approval).

How much notice does my landlord need to give me to end my tenancy?

Your landlord must give you a minimum of 2 months’ notice – this cannot be served before the 4th month of a fixed period tenancy

What do I do if I have a problem in my flat?

If you have a maintenance problem then get in touch and we will get a contractor out to look into it. You may be liable for the cost of the call out and repair if the problem is a result of your own actions otherwise the landlord will pay for general repair (i.e., storm damage, leaking pipes etc).